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Privacy Policy

Welcome to MSW Staffing!

Your trust means the world to us. That’s why we believe in telling you upfront how we will use any personal information we collect, and assure you that we will always ask permission from you to use it in the first place.

As part of our mission to connect people in meaningful work, we sometimes collect personal information. When you apply to or work with MSW Staffing, it’s likely that you’ll share some information with us like your name, your contact details, or your resume. We want to make sure that this information remains safe and protected.

Our comprehensive Personal Information Privacy Policy covers the details of what you can expect – you can read it below. But let’s be honest – these things are written by lawyers and it might feel like you need a PhD to get through it.

So in plain-speak, what does it mean for you?

  • If you want to apply for a job, sign up for our email job alerts, or use MSW Staffing’s services, you’ll need to provide some contact information that we can use to keep communicating with you about specific roles or future job opportunities. We’ll ask you for your consent to use this information for these purposes only.
  • Sometimes we may need to share your information—for example, if you’re applying to a job and we need to share your resume with a company — but you can rest assured we will never share your personal information without your permission first.
  • If you’re sending us a resume for potential jobs, we’ll add it to our resume database so our recruiters can search your skills and experience and have your resume on hand when an opportunity arises. However, if the time comes when you don’t want your resume or information on file with us, just let us know by emailing
  • We care about your personal information and want to keep it safe. Matt, Vice-President of MSW Staffing, is our Privacy Officer—he stays on top of the latest rules and regulations and makes sure we are trustworthy stewards of any personal information we receive. You can contact her at any time if you have questions or concerns:

Here is our full Personal Information Privacy Policy:


Personal Information Privacy Policy

The MSW Staffing (collectively, “MSW Staffing”, and the words “we”, “us” and “our” refer to MSW Staffing) respects the privacy of our employees, our suppliers and our clients and ensures that the personal information we collect about or on behalf of the aforementioned remains secure and protected and is only used and disclosed in accordance with our privacy policy and applicable laws.

This policy, which applies to access to and use of the websites that have a URL that includes the domain name including, without limitation,, (the “Website”) and all associated services (collectively, the “Online Services”), is designed to ensure our collection, use, disclosure, retention and destruction of personal information (collectively, “Handling” and by extension, “Handle”) in conjunction with this Website meets or exceeds the requirements of applicable Canadian Federal and Provincial privacy laws (“Privacy Laws”). We are committed to constant self-evaluation of our practices and procedures and to maintaining the highest standard in this regard.

By accessing the Website, you hereby consent to the Handling of your personal information as described in this Privacy Policy.

If you are less than the age of majority in the province or territory in which you reside, you must have one of your parents or legal guardians review this Privacy Policy and agree to all of its terms and conditions on your behalf. We do not knowingly retain any personal information about any individual under the age of 16 years of age and, to the extent permitted to do so by applicable laws, we will securely delete such information from our systems upon being requested to do so by a parent or legal guardian. We may, however, retain personal information about an individual that is less than 16 years of age where: (i) such individual has purchased a product through the Website in regard to the cancellation of such purchase and retrieval of the underlying product sold to such individual; (ii) such personal information is relevant to litigation or potential litigation; (iii) such individual has undertaken any wrongful conduct or conduct that is otherwise actionable in regard to the exercise by MSW Staffing of any remedy or recourse available to them; and/or (iv) such retention is reasonable and otherwise permitted under applicable laws.

This Privacy Policy may be amended from time to time in regard to modifications to the Website, applicable laws and/or the services offered through the Website. Notice of any such modification will be provided in the header of this Privacy Policy by way of an amended Effective Date. You are therefore invited to periodically access this Privacy Policy and make note of the Effective Date to determine whether changes have been made since you last reviewed it. A revision history with respect to changes made to our Online Privacy Policy is available upon written request. If we make any revisions that materially change the ways in which we use or share your personal information, we will give you the opportunity to consent to such changes before applying them to that personal information. Please note that changes to this Privacy Policy only apply to personal information collected after such changes come into force.  


  1. Privacy Officer
  2. Collection of Personal Information
  3. Information Protection, Identification and Consent
  4. Security
  5. Cookies
  6. Retention and Safeguards
  7. Accuracy
  8. Openness
  9. Individual Access
  10. Challenging Compliance
  1. Privacy Officer

To confirm our commitment to privacy, MSW Staffing has appointed a qualified member of our senior management team as the Privacy Officer. The Privacy Officer is available to offer more information on this Privacy Policy and our practices in terms of Handling of personal information, to ensure that everyone at MSW Staffing complies with this Privacy Policy and Privacy Laws, to respond to inquiries, to investigate any complaints and to oversee remedial measures. The Privacy officer can be contacted by mail at 610 Chartwell Road, Suite 101, Oakville ON L6J 4A5 or by e-mail at

The MSW Staffing Privacy Officer will review any new processes, procedures or practices affecting the privacy of our employees, our suppliers and our clients to ensure they are compliant with our Privacy Policy.

The MSW Staffing Privacy Officer commits to being aware and knowledgeable about any changes in the Privacy Laws to ensure The MSW Staffing consistently meets or exceeds applicable privacy requirements.

  1. Collection of Personal Information

We collect various types of information from individuals who access the Website or use Online Services, including some personal information.  Personal information is collected to allow us to provide Online Services or to allow you to make use of certain features of the Website. Personal information is also collected to help us improve the Website and Online Services by better understanding how these are accessed and used by visitors. Personal information is also collected so that we may contact you or otherwise respond to your inquiries or other requests and items requiring follow-up action.

We may combine or aggregate any of the personal information we collect through access to the Website and/or use of the Online Services, offline, or elsewhere for any of these purposes.


A cookie is a small amount of data, which often includes an anonymous unique identifier that is sent to your browser from a website’s computers and stored on your computer’s hard drive. Each website can send its own cookie to your browser if your browser’s preferences allow it, but (to protect your privacy) your browser only permits a website to access the cookies it has already sent to you, not the cookies sent to you by other websites. You can configure your browser to accept all cookies, reject all cookies, or notify you when a cookie is set (each browser is different, so check the “Help” menu of your browser to learn how to change your cookie preferences). The Website uses cookies to keep track of user sessions. We use cookies to deliver content specific to your interests and for other purposes such as keeping track of user navigation within the website.

Job Alerts 

If you sign up for our “Job Alerts service, you will be asked to provide personal information such as your name, e-mail address and general industry of interest in regard to employment or contract opportunities.

Assistance Request 

If you seek our assistance in regard to your search for employment or contract opportunities, you will be asked to provide personal information such as your name, e-mail address and general industry of interest, and level of experience in your field. You will also have the option of asking questions as part of your request for assistance through completion of the relevant webform on the Website, in which you may choose to provide additional personal information about yourself. You are also provided with the option of uploading your résumé.

Feedback and Inquiries 

The Website may provide users with the ability to provide comments and feedback and ask questions about MSW Staffing and its operations as well as the Website and Online Services. If you include your personal information in such communications, it will be Handled in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Website Usage 

We monitor access to certain Website resources and features and Online Services as well as other browsing patterns and history. Any such data will be anonymized and aggregated and will not be associated with you specifically.

User Communications 

When you send e-mail or other communications to MSW Staffing, we will use your contact information and whatever other information is provided in your communication for the purposes of our review, processing, redirection, escalation, and response to your comments or inquiries. These can include e-mails sent by you via the “Contact Us” feature to make inquiries or report abuse on the Website or to solicit our services.

Log Data 

When you visit the Website, your web browser will send data about your computer’s IP address, type of browser or version, and statistics regarding the time spent on the Website (and/or on particular webpages or sections of the Website) and actions performed on the Website (“Log Data”).

Log Data is usually only logged for a temporary period of time. Log Data may, however, be retained for security purposes such as to block users who are suspected of breaching the Website’s terms of use from further accessing the Website. Log Data may also be anonymized and aggregated to compile statistical information which may be used for operational, marketing or other commercial purposes.

  1. Sharing of Personal Information

Corporations within the MSW Staffing may share your personal information between themselves. Please note that certain corporations within the MSW Staffing are located and operate outside of USA including, without limitation, the United States and India. MSW Staffing will not share your personal information with any other third party except in the following circumstances:

  • with trusted third party service providers that we have retained that require access to your personal information in order to perform the services for us. These may include services in terms of the hosting, operation, and/or maintenance of the Website (including any service or feature of the Website), customer service, the undertaking of customer satisfaction surveys or with respect to other operational, marketing, financial, or technical matters;
  • to business partners that may deliver marketing communications, promotional materials, or advertisements that may be of interest to you;
  • to carry out our staffing services, that is, to try to find job matches for applicants and fulfill staffing service requests of prospective employers.
  • with other third parties to whom such disclosure has been authorized through your consent;
  • where disclosure is required by law;
  • where disclosure is permitted pursuant to Privacy Laws;
  • where disclosure is required for the undertaking of investigations regarding possible violations of the Website’s terms of use, and to prevent fraudulent activities and/or improper behaviour;
  • in conjunction with any outsourcing of our operations or business processes (or the repatriation of the foregoing);
  • in conjunction with any sale of MSW Staffing or any of the corporations which form MSW Staffing, or any of their respective businesses or parts of their respective businesses; or
  • in conjunction with any litigation or other legal proceedings.

In all such circumstances, MSW Staffing will ensure that safeguards are in place in regard to such third parties: (i) to restrict use and further disclosure of personal information by such third parties to what is reasonably required to give effect to the purposes outlined above; and (ii) to prevent unauthorized access to as well as unauthorized alteration, disclosure and/or disclosure of personal information.

  1. Storage of Personal Information

Your personal information is kept at secure facilities and on secure servers owned and operated by third party service providers retained by MSW Staffing some of which are located in USA and others in the United States. We may transfer your personal information outside of USA to prospective employers located in other countries to the extent that you have requested job placement in such foreign jurisdictions. Likewise, as indicated above, corporations within the MSW Staffing located in the United States and India may access your personal information and make local copies thereof and store these on their internal computer facilities.

  1. Security

Only employees who need to access personal information to perform a specific job related task (for example, a placement representative or a customer service representative) are granted access to personally identifying information.

We maintain certain databases which include personal information. These are stored in secured facilities and are protected by logical and physical security measures that are adequate having regard to the sensitivity of the personal information stored therein. We also may store your personal information in paper document files in our offices. These are secured in locked filing cabinets. Access to these records will be limited to those employees and representatives who have a “need to know” such information, as prescribed by the requirements of their job functions only.

While reasonable safeguards and security measures are in place to prevent against unauthorized use, access, or disclosure of your personal information, we cannot guarantee that such safeguards are impenetrable from breaches. You assume the risk of unauthorized use, access, or disclosure of your personal information that may occur as a result of transmission over public or other networks over which we have no control.

  1. Retention and Safeguards

MSW Staffing will retain personal information until the underlying purpose for which such personal information was collected has been realized. There may be circumstances, however, where personal information may be retained beyond such period of time including, without limitation, where the underlying records are the subject of litigation or potential litigation or where a longer retention period is required by or otherwise permitted by applicable laws. For example, employment standards legislation requires minimum retention period for information relating to certain employee and employment related information. Third party suppliers have been instructed to follow the same guidelines.

Personal Information may be retained for longer periods of time in the event of any complaint, investigation or legal proceedings for purposes associated with or ancillary to the foregoing. Personal Information will also be retained for such periods of time as may be required by applicable laws.

While in our possession or under our control, personal information will continue to be subject to the security safeguards described above.  Personal information (and records that include personal information, and media on which personal information) which is scheduled to be destroyed in accordance with our record retention policy or otherwise as required by applicable laws, will be done so in a secure and permanent manner.

  1. Accuracy

MSW Staffing will make every effort to ensure personal information remains current and is updated internally and through our third party service providers in a timely manner. Individuals are expected to notify us in terms of any changes to their personal information and provide us with updated information in a timely manner.  We reserve the right to validate the identity of any individual requesting that his or her personal information be updated and we further reserve the right to validate the accuracy of the changes proposed by such individual.

  1. Openness 

MSW Staffing will be happy to provide further information about its policy or practices. Inquiries in this regard should be made by sending a request in writing to the Privacy Officer at:

1314 E Las Olas Blvd. Suite 1100
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

or by e-mail at

  1. Individual Access

MSW Staffing will generally disclose to an individual what personal information it holds in regard to him or her, along with the use and sharing of any such personal information.

Specific requests for information can be directed e-mail at Should MSW Staffing Group not be able or willing to comply with the request for a justifiable reason, that reason will be given to the requestor. These may include any ofthe following reasons:

  • the information is protected by solicitor-client privilege
  • disclosure would reveal confidential commercial information
  • the information relates to an investigation into the breach of an agreement or of a law of USA or a province
  • the information was generated in the course of a formal dispute resolution process

The foregoing list is not exhaustive and other reasons may be considered justifiable.

Where out of pocket costs are incurred in regard to the processing of a request, we may seek reimbursement of such expenses from the requesting party where permitted to do so under Privacy Laws. We would inform the requesting party of any such costs prior to these being incurred.

We reserve the right to validate the identity of any individual requesting delivery of his or her personal information or otherwise requiring details of personal information held about him or her.

10.Challenging Compliance

Individuals have the right to file a challenge about our Handling of their personal information where the foregoing contravenes Privacy Laws. MSW Staffing will investigate any complaints thoroughly. Complaints must be in writing, must include all relevant facts and must be directed to our e-mail at

We reserve the right to validate the identify of any complainant prior to looking into his or her complaint or otherwise sharing with him or her any personal information identified in or otherwise relevant to such complaint.