MSW Staffing focuses on placing temporary and permanent professionals in the accounting, finance and technology Industries. Our long-standing relationships with our candidates allow us to match them with their dream jobs while fulfilling our clients’ requisitions quickly without sacrificing quality.

Filling key positions today requires focused research, an organized approach and a systematic search process. We invest the time to understand your company, your values and your business goals. We work with you to clarify your objectives and your job specifications. We know that candidates who thrive in one company may not necessarily thrive in another so we make sure that we have a feel for the character and culture of your organization.

Each professional goes through a rigorous screening process including a resume review, a phone/video conversation, on-site interview and background check, ensuring that only the highest quality individuals are presented. Our goal is to provide you with best candidates while saving you both time and money.

Knowing is not enough;
we must apply..
Willing is not enough;
we must do.

-John Wolfgang Von Goethe


Direct Hire

Direct hire positions are permanent, usually full-time positions with benefits. MSW staffing is involved during the recruitment and hiring process, but after an offer is accepted, the candidate goes directly on the client’s payroll.


A flexible option for clients and talent alike. It helps clients save on employee costs and allows talent to build a resume and gain experience on different projects with different industries.

Temp to Hire

Contract-to-hire offers many benefits for talent and employers when both have sincere intentions. Talent can rest assured that MSW only partners with employers who are serious about hiring and have a long term need.

Industry Specialties